Laboratory of Neural MRI & Brain Connectivity @ CHOP and Penn

Our lab (PI: Hao Huang) is dedicated to developing and applying the cutting-edge preclinical and clinical MR neuroimaging and analysis techniques to delinate human brain development and identify clinical biomarkers.

The laboratory is currently located in Department of Radiology, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia & Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania.

This website was created in order to make the preclinical and clinical data available to promote
the progress in this field. For more related work, please visit our lab homepage.


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Penn-CHOP Macaque Brain Atlas

The atlas contains high-res DTI and T1-weighted images for enhanced procedural precision.

Penn-CHOP Neonate Brain Atlases

The Penn-CHOP neonate atlas provides high-res age-specific DTI maps and labels for 33, 36, and 39 PMW brains.

Penn-CHOP Infant Brain Atlases

The Penn-CHOP infant atlas provides high-res infant DTI maps and labels.
Data Coming Soon!


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